Beyond The Beach

Beyond The Beach

In the darkest corners of the world ravaged by war, disaster and poverty, there shines a beacon of hope. Men and women from NGO Emergency redefine the power of the choice to ‘opt-in’. 

The cost of war on innocent people runs deep, from immediate death, dismemberment and injury, through to dire situations in which families suffer escaping impending danger, kidnapping and death. With no home, no hope and no options left, every day people are driven to extraordinary extremes risking life and limb to give their children an opportunity for a better future. At every step of the way Emergency provide free, high quality health care where circumstances have put even the simplest of services out of reach. 

Whilst the news cameras are focussed on the front line and sensationalist elements of war, there is little glory in providing primary healthcare to the likes of pregnant women and children in refugee and IDP camps. Yet this is where the majority of the victims of war are left to suffer, unable to go back to their homes and without a future.  

After Iraq and Syria were devastated by war ISIS took control of key regions, inflicting a brutal regime, killing thousands of innocent civilians and displacing millions, leaving families without a future. Whilst humanitarian efforts do the best they can, the resulting circumstances can hardly be called life and barely resemble existence. Receiving primary health care is something that should be a human right to all, yet so often is out of reach when needed most. Emergency spend their budget where it counts, on building sustainable health care facilities and expertise where it is most needed, not on PR and advertising. Outside of Italy, the NGO is relatively unknown, however its impact across the World speaks for itself – over 10,000,000 patients treated in 26 years from Afghanistan to Sierra Leone. 

Page BreakThe Last Hope feature length documentary follows Italian NGO Emergency across the world on their mission to provide free medical assistance to the victims of war. For many people who have lost their homes, lives, family and friends to war, Emergency is their last hope. 

The Last Hope explores the meaning of war for the victims through the voices of the men and women of Emergency’s committed staff. A passionate group of individuals, doctors, nurses, surgeons and logisticians have dedicated their lives to help the millions of innocent families suffering the devastating repercussions of war, we discover the positive impact achieved from their individual experiences through the remarkable power of choice to opt in and make a difference, one person at a time.  

Through the medium of film, we can give a unique insight into the lives of those who care for the victims of war, covering moments of pain, the simplicity of a child in need of primary healthcare to the brutality of a land mine victim and their journey through recovery to the opportunity to a second chance in life. Genuine care from ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances to everyday people in extenuating circumstances. 

 We believe some stories need to be told, and this is one of them. As filmmakers and as people, we are passionate about putting Emergency in the spotlight, to inspire a recruitment drive for experienced and committed international doctors and nurses, as well as to directly generate public awareness across the globe and generate money for Emergency. A third of all proceeds from the film will be contributed directly to Emergency. We feel the best way to achieve our goal is to make the best film possible by providing a platform for the incredible individuals who against all the odds, every day tirelessly work hard to make a difference, one person at a time. Having had the privilege of spending time with these people first hand, they are a true inspiration, giving hope that even in the darkness of war, it is truly possible to make a lasting difference. 



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May 8, 2017